Send "{{Front}} is {{Back}}" to TTS

Suppose a note has 2 fields, {{Front}}=“Hello”, {{Back}}=“World”.

I can show “{{Front}} is {{Back}}” (in this case, “Hello is World”) on Back side. Meanwhile, I want to send “{{Front}} is {{Back}}” to TTS. Any suggestions? Thanks!

P.S. I want to use it in Basic (and reversed card), this example is just for clarification.

===== Update =====
I came up with a workaround, add a {{Is}} field, and send these 3 fields separately, there are gap between words though.


The tts filter only works with field names, so there is no ideal solution in vanilla Anki.

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Thanks! I am aware of that.

are Front and Back in different languages ? If so, you’ll need some very special code to handle this. A couple of users have approached me with similar use cases for AwesomeTTS, but I don’t know how to implement them yet.

Front and Back are both in English.

In the current state of things, I can’t help you, but for AwesomeTTS2, I’m planning an ultra-generic mode where you would basically write an SSML template, it would be infinitely customizable.


Thanks! I am looking forward to AwesomeTTS2.

Extra field named “Is” is a good work around. One extra step though is adding the content “is” to that field in every card. Can be done easily with Find and Replace dialog - select the field, replace blank with “is” , uncheck selected note only