Text To Speech for non field text

As far as I can see, it’s only possible to use TTS for fields. (If I’m wrong I’d be happy to find out!) It would be good to be able to wrap any text with a tts tag. For example if I have a verb conjugation card, the conjugated form of the verb could be a field but the pronoun coming from the card template. It would be nice to have both read together but currently it is only possible for the verb to be read but not the pronoun. I would imagine cloze deletion cards could also benefit from this kind of feature, so that you could fill in the missing word but have the whole sentence read out.


  1. I have asked the same question.
    Send "{{Front}} is {{Back}}" to TTS
  2. As to Cloze, you can use a template filter to read complete sentence.
    {{tts en_US voices=Microsoft_David:cloze:Text}}
    Change 8k MP3 cards to TTS cards, saved 400MB storage
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Thanks. Those workarounds don’t quite work for what I want to do unfortunately. I am using a number of card types with hardcoded text so that I can generate a bunch of cards from only a few fields. If I make everything a field then making those cards would become a lot more labour intensive (and error prone).