Only the chrome+ankiweb work well on my lenovo duet CB 2020

the android apk either freeze or close itself.

i remember the ARM CPU linux dont work well /w the linux anki.

thus ankiweb is the only hope.
and recently as i begin to heavily use IO,
the storage size limitation bother.
and self-hosting cant solve the problem on chrome+ankiweb.


btw, ankiweb forced you on V3.

and i am still on v2, using desktop win 2.1.54,
ankidroid 2.16.x.

further doomed.

i am just expressing my situation only,
i am very thankful to the author and the contributors.
at least i could use android phone instead of the CB<-- although the screen is larger and /w a keyboard.

ps, tried the 2.17.alpha something, same thing. freeze hell.

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