Frustrated on using chromebook with anki!

my CB is arm, lenovo duet 2020, no tf slot

i plan to sync anki thru anki server, while keeping local. my media is/will be huge.

previously i already installed anki on CB’s linux, i think using python?
but i put it aside as i use wintab more.

previoiusly from this link:

yes it can run. seems it is a compiled x86 linux version anki?
i dont know why it runs inside my arm CB’s linux, but it do really ran.

however, last week i caually updated the CrOS and the CB’s linux,
then i can never run anki inside CB’s linux any more.

then i turn BACK to ankidroid.
for 2.16.5 variants, it never ran on CB’s android.
github have 2.17.x variants. yeah these run well.

however my CB have NO TF card.
so i wanna use files on NAS thru SAMBA, or cloud.

NEGATIVE, android dont allow you to do that.

CB sucks.
luckily i have a cheap wintab for use.

xxxx xxx google.