Anki on Chromebook, no decks/content


I’m extremely familiar with Linux but not either Chomebook nor Anki.

My granddaughter at University has been using Anki on Chromebook for some considerable time but now, suddenly, Anki launches to a blank screen showing no content. The Chromebook is a HP Arm processor model I believe. She thinks the Anki version is 2.1.57 but since the app won’t run this is only from memory. She is attempting to launch Anki from the desktop icon.

Before this happened she saw warnings that Linux disk space was low.

Any ideas please from the experts on here.


Priority #1 is making sure all of her data is safe. Check for her profile or “User” folder – Managing Files - Anki Manual . That’s everything she’d need to get started again.

Is it a blank screen – like an empty box? No menus or Deck list?

[You are an excellent grandparent, and she’s lucky to have you!]

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Thanks for the pointer to the manual. Will read.

I’m just checking this with her.

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Disk free shows:

Screen she gets when launching Anki:

Would Linux container being out of space actually cause this blank screen?? Showing no other error???

/dev/vda showing 100% full is normal, isn’t it?

I can’t answer the ChromeOS-directory-specific questions, but hopefully someone else knows.

As far as the blank window – has she tried clicking Help > About to get her version information? But even without knowing that, it seems like she must be using a Linux-distro version? So, any of the fixes for that are possibilities to try – Blank Main Window - Anki Manual.


Yes, it’s defo a Linux distro of Anki

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