Chromebook decks don't show

Anybody understands what’s going on?

A couple of days ago, I think all chromebooks showed a general (auto) linux update. I accepted it. I read: this can take 30 minutes.

Since then my anki remains black.
When in “Tools”, I click “study deck”, I get what you see on the photo, so it does know about my account and my deck but it doesn’t show the decks in the screen behind where the decks should appear.

Anybody understands what’s going on?

I have no experience with Chromebooks, but perhaps it’s the same as Blank Main Window - Anki Manual

Thx … trying … pff. first 15 minutes in and not successfull.
Will read more and report back…

No. Unfortunately, on my Chromebook, I can’t make that blank window be replaced with a window that shows my decks…

I read through the
2. Use one of the workarounds posted on the following threads:

but … it’s either too difficult for me or … doesn’t do anything.
Shit. What now?
Post it even more step by step what I’m not understanding?


whist in the terminal on my chromebook, I figured out that the zero with a dot in it = 0 on my key board.

It did run a series of executions.

Restarting Anki resulted in the same white screen showing no decks.

That’s the latest version, so that’s ok.


Wait a second, when I run anki - why is it showing this pop-up suggesting I am not running the latest version and asks me if I want to download & install it :

I’m going to wait someone’s reply before proceeding :slight_smile: Thy everyone

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