OneDrive and profile/backup restoring


I use Win 11 version of Anki.

I have set my data files being stored in local folder of OneDrive, which is being synced and stored in the cloud. For enabling that I used this hack:

In my data files there is a folder named by the profile name (“ABC”), which do includes many backups.

I reset my PC system and want to get back to my whole data.

As I start Anki prompt asks for language and creates new profile named User 1. As I enter “switch profile” menu I am able to open backup. I steer to my local folder of OneDrive, which synced from the cloud. This backup is however being opened as a content of the new profile “User 1” - and new folder for that user is being created in main data folder of Anki. Therefore I have two folders now - one for old profile “ABC” and 2nd for the new profile “User 1”.

How to set my system back as the previous user (same profile) with all my data being stored as continuity in the previous folder? This will enable me to have my database always backed up in OneDrive, that I can always restore after resetting my PC.

Would be grateful for any help.

Backing up the whole “AnkiDataFolder” and pointing Anki to it is the simplest solution that comes to my mind.

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