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Anki saved on Onedrive but new computer

I have a new computer that is connected to my Onedrive account. This account has an Anki folder with all of downloaded files from the initial download on the other computer. I had never synced or created an account, I was always using “User 1”. I do not have access to the previous computer anymore.

Is there is a way to access my cards that I have created on that “User 1” account on my new computer? Important university decks are stored on this account and I do not wish to lose all of the information.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

If you’ve never synced your account to Ankiweb in the old computer, or made a manual backup of your data, I’m afraid that is going to be difficult.

On the other hand, what do you mean with this?

If by any chance your appdata folder was saved to your Onedrive account, then restoring your data is going to be easy:


I cannot find any of the folders mentioned in the article. I use windows and in my anki folder found in my onedrive, I see subfolders such as “anki”, “aqt data”, “certifi”, “include” and others. When I click on the actual “anki icon”, it says that a newer version has been released. However, with the newer version, my previous account is missing.

Sounds like you put Anki’s program files in OneDrive. Your user data is stored in the separate location mentioned above, and if you didn’t back that up, I’m afraid you’re probably out of luck.