Changing to a new PC

I have decks whose cards contain words, sounds and images. I am going to get a new PC. What I must do not to lose anything on the new PC.

Make sure that you Sync first before you stop using the old PC.

Then log in to using the same e-mail and password that you use for syncing, to make sure that your data is there.

When you start using the new PC, make sure that you Download from AnkiWeb.

Another thing you can do before you stop using the old PC is to use File / Export… to export a .colpkg of your entire collection. Then you can put that somewhere in your OneDrive\Documents folder, assuming you have enough room, or on a USB thumb drive. On your new PC you should still have OneDrive and all your files should be there, including the .colpkg, which you could Import into Anki.

One of the above methods will work. You should do both Sync and Export on the old PC, to make extra sure not to lose data. But obviously use only one of the above choices when you restore the data to your new PC.


Also there is the manual export if you want to keep your cards local, no need to sign up for an account or anything. Backups - Anki Manual

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