Recovering Anki on New Laptop

Hi I need help recovering my Anki deck if possible. Also before I explain I’m not totally adept at how Anki works and backing up decks etc so I apologize in advance. I had water damage on my old laptop and had to buy a new one, so I am currently trying to setup Anki on my new one. Since I started med school I’ve used a new deck every year. I was under the assumption that the decks were synced up automatically, but now I am having trouble trying to recover my current deck on my new laptop, and hope to be able to do this bc I have 6 months worth of progress on there. I am not sure if these decks are connected to AnkiWeb, since when I try to login a random test account I made is only present. Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you currently have access to the account you used to sync on your old computer, assuming you had an account at that time, you should be able to download all your decks from AnkiWeb.

Sorry let me correct myself. I meant to say different user, not deck. I use different user profiles for each year. Not sure if this changes things.

Different profiles do not share the same AnkiWeb account, so each profile you may have must be synced with a different AnkiWeb account if you want to save your progress from all profiles.

If more than one person wants to use Anki on your computer, you can set up a separate profile for each user. Each user profile has their own collection, and own program settings. Add-ons are shared across profiles. Profiles are configured by going to the File menu and choosing “Switch Profile”.

Only a single profile can be synced to an AnkiWeb account. If you have different users on your computer, each user will need to set up a separate AnkiWeb account for their profile. If you attempt to link two or more profiles to the same AnkiWeb account, you will overwrite the data from one profile with the data from the other.

Profiles are primarily intended to be used by different people, and are not recommended for splitting up your own content. If you have created multiple profiles for yourself, the best option is to merge them into a single profile. You can do so by exporting one deck from profile A, and then importing it into profile B, repeating for any other decks in profile A, until everything is in profile B.
Profiles - Anki Manual

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