Anki Web Sync Wrote Over My Decks

I got a new laptop and did not log in before creating some decks. When I just decided to sync with my Anki Web to retrieve my old decks, the new decks just uploaded to AnkiWeb and over-wrote my old decks. Does anyone know where I can retrieve my old decks from please?

Do you have any other devices/installs that had synced with those old decks from AnkiWeb?

If not, if this just happened now, there’s a chance that @dae can restore a server-side backup for you. He can check later and will let you know if there’s one available.

Once that happens, you’ll need to be careful. What you have on your laptop is really a separate profile from what you have on AnkiWeb, so you’ll have to merge those profiles together. Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Export everything you have on your new laptop as a deck package (apkg).
  • Force a one-way sync to download your collection from AnkiWeb.
  • Re-import that apkg of new decks.
  • Sync with AnkiWeb again.
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Thank you!
I do not have my old laptop with the old decks, unfortunately. I have exported my current decks. Hopefully @dae can restore the old decks!

Thanks again for your help.

You don’t appear to have been actively using the account. I can restore your collection to the state it was a few months ago, but you’ll lose any cards you currently have, unless you back them up first. Do you wish me to proceed?

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I have backed up my current cards. Please restore to my account a couple of months ago. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Sorry for the delay. Your account has been reverted to its old state. On the next sync, please choose “download” to grab it.

Thank you so much for your help.

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