Recovering lost decks on new laptop

I had been using the anki on my laptop until it broke and i just got a new one. I logged in on the same account and synced to ankiweb, although none of my decks are showing. Is there a way i can recover my data?

It sounds like on the first sync you may have mistakenly chosen “Upload” and copied over your AnkiWeb collection with the empty collection from your new laptop. How long ago was this initial sync on your new laptop? [That often determines whether there’s a possibility of restoring it from the server side] How long ago did you last use/sync with your AnkiWeb account before that?

If your data cannot be recovered from AnkiWeb – how “broken” is your old laptop? If the hard drive is still intact, you may be able to recover your collection from there.

i only tried syncing it today on my new laptop and i did press download instead of upload, however i should also mention i logged into ankiweb & ankidroid on a different device before syncing and it showed no data stored on my account either. I also had a look for a backup in my files but couldnt see anything, so not sure if they are now permanently lost.

I accidentally spilled something on my old laptop so it just wont turn on.

If there was already nothing on AnkiWeb before you did the sync, and your account has been out-of-use for a lengthy period of time, the data might be gone. AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions

But if you’ve got a history of syncing to AnkiDroid – have you looked at what backups are available on your Android device? Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

My heart goes out to you :cry:. Salvaging data is certainly not my wheelhouse, but it’s not unheard of for a laptop to fail for reasons that leave the hard drive unharmed, or for the hard drive to be impacted, but some of the data still remains salvagable. If you end up out of other options – that might be worth looking into.

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