On all cloze cards, clicking "show" shows a curly brakets

Lately, when I review my cards on my Mac (Catalina), or Windows 10, I get the Cloze deletion brackets.
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 23.08.25

This does not happen on the mobile (Android) version.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time

The logic for cloze recently changed. It’s totally different now for iOS and desktop.

Thanks for that, buuuut, what now?
How do I modify or where do I find out where I can learn to modify my existing cards to be able to use them on a Windows PC?

I don’t know, I was using close in a non conventional way and used the web inspector to modify a Regex to work. But I am not actually aware what the change was. I think everything is now put inside a span whereas before only the active cloze was put in a span. I do not know the significance of this however. Hopefully one of the devs can add more input to this. Can you link a sample of your deck to try out?

The problem was solved when I re-instated the Decks’ scripts:

Select a Deck → Study now → Edit → Cards → make sure the front and Back Templates scripts are:

Front Template scrip:

Back Template script:

That did the trick.
I do not understand how the scripts got changed, but they did.
The issue is resolved


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