Old images are repeating when I add new ones. PLEASE HELP

Hi, I have been using anki for now about 5 or 6 days but ever since i started adding images on my cards, it just keep repeating the image, Like if I add a new image today for a new card it will show the old image of the old card, and if i again try it will show another old image from a another old card. How can I fix this

I don’t understand what you mean. :sweat_smile:
hope developers can help you

If I create a new card in ankidroid and then it shows to a attachment icon right, when I click it, It says “Add images, Add audio clip etc…” . And when I click on add images and add one from my gallery of my phone and crop it I click on the tick button. and then I View it its not the picture I added or uploaded. It’s showing a old picture I added.

I understand, but my Ankidroid doesn’t have this problem
hope developers of ankidroid can help you

you can write a new issue here and paste some screenshots about this situation

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ok thank you

HI, How can I report this issue directly to the developers.