Numbers on the first page won't change

Hallo, my name is Thomas and sorry if I make mistakes speaking English.

I would like to ask your help due to a problem.

I made more than 20 flash cards on my Anki but my anki shows me that my total flash
cards on one topic are 20 but I have made over 35 cards on one topic. I do not know what to do

Thank you for responding, Thomas

Hi, Thomas.

Where did you see you only have 20 cards? If you go to the Browser section, I think you might find all the cards you have created.

From what you said, I am guessing you are seeing a “20” in blue on the “Decks” section, next you your deck? That just means Anki will show you 20 new (not studied before) cards that day. If you study one of them, it will show 19, etc.

On the next day, 20 new cards will be shown.

If that’s not what’s happening, let us know (screenshots might help).

In any case, I suggest you take a look at the manual and possible some YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with the program.

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Thank you Suiyuan!
I am going to look. I changed something in the settings from studying 20 to 1000. I think this will help

Yes, on the deck options section (clicking the gear next to the deck name), you can change the number of new cards per day.

Note that, depending on the quantity of time you want to spend on Anki everyday, 20 cards per day is already plenty, since in a week or two you will have many more cards to review per day (plus the 20 new cards).

The goal of Anki is to keep reviewing everyday to prevent forgetting, so if you’re new to Anki I would recommend keeping the new cards per day number low (10-20) for a week or two and see how that adds up when using it daily. After that timeyou will have a better understanding of how Anki works and you’ll be able to better adjust your preferences.

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