No more Anki notifications at Windows logon

With my new pc I’ve upgraded Anki from 2.1.xx to 23.12.x.
Now I don’t get any more reminders of my due decks/cards when I log into Windows like it was on my old system.

I can’t find any posts or descriptions related to this topic so far.

Can anyone help?

Was that notification coming from an add-on?
Has that add-on been updated to be compatible with the new version of AnkiDesktop?

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Hi Danika,

thank you for your reply.

No, once I had installed the old Anki version on my old pc (Windows 10), Windows came up with the Anki notifications every time I logged in.

Does it mean, that the current Anki desktop version has no notification functionality and I have to open Anki every time I want see what’s due?

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Other than an add-on, I don’t know how to explain the notifications you were getting on your old PC. I’m not aware of any native notification functionality in AnkiDesktop, and I would be surprised if something like that had been removed recently.

[AnkiMobile Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual and AnkiDroid AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual both rely on their OS for notifications.]

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