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Hello everyone!
I have very recently started using Anki on my laptop and already synchronized it with AnkiWeb. My doubt is: Is there a way to get notified of the revisions through an alarm sound :thinking:? If there is, could anyone please help me to configure it? If I install the mobile version, can I get notified with an alarm or just through messages?
Thank you in advance. :+1:t4:

AnkiMobile (and I believe AnkiDroid too) do have a feature that will notify you, though please note Anki is really intended to be used daily, so you could just set up a reminder instead.

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AnkiMobile(iOS) displays the number of cards remaining in notification batches and every morning notifies of today’s total number of cards.

Thank you, my friend. :grin: :+1:t4:

I have an Android. But anyway, thanks for taking some time to answer. :grin: :+1:t4:

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