How to make Anki to repeat the lession


I am a new user of Anki. I am using my iPhone and desktop (window) to connect to Anki whenever I am free.

I created many decks, and I want Anki to remind me about them, for instance, daily, weekly and monthly.

How can I do it?
Thanks for your support in advance

Iā€™m unsure if this is what you are asking about, but you can enable reminder notifications from Preferences ā†’ Notifications

The preferences screen can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon at the top right of the deck list. It allows you to customize various application settings and how AnkiMobile appears.


When enabled, Anki will display an alert at the selected time of day, reminding you to study and telling you how many reviews are waiting.

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Thank you Shallash for your advice
Have a nice working day