Next Day Starts

I have my Next Day Starts set to 7PM (19:00). On my iPad, it works flawlessly. However, when I sync my cards to another device (Windows and iPad mini), new cards are introduced almost as soon as I sync whether it’s 3:45 PM or 6PM (so different than previous thread reporting new cards being introduced at 1AM instead of midnight).

I am using the experimental V2 scheduler with timezone handling turned on. Anki updated to the latest stable releases on Windows and iOS. Timezones set to EST on all devices. My workaround right now is to just always force a full sync on my iPad (primary device I use to do Anki). Perhaps I’m not understanding how the V2 scheduler and timezone handling feature work?

Let me know if I need to upload anything to help debug this issue. Thanks.

Edit: I actually just checked Ankiweb and it seems like no matter what I do with a full sync from my iPad, my Ankiweb introduces new cards way before 7PM (19:00).

It looks like you don’t have your local timezone set in your collection. When all devices are in sync, please review a card on AnkiWeb and then sync your devices - that should note down your local timezone, and resolve the issue.

This worked! Thanks!