Newly created deck appearing empty

I created two new decks, one with 28 cards and the second with 60 cards. The 28 card deck is fine. I created the 60 card deck in exactly the same way but it appears to be empty, even though the system says I created 88 new cards.

Check the new cards limit for the second deck:

You haven’t create a filtered deck of the original deck at some point, cause if you have a filtered deck the original deck will always show that you have finished the deck.

If you have a filtered deck, simply delete it, deleting the fd will not delete the original.

Thanks Malcolm. I still couldn’t sort it out so have deleted the deck and will create it again. Will there be any problem if I use the same name for the deck?

Thanks cqg, there was no problem with the limit, but I still haven’t been able to sort it out so have deleted it and will create it again.

One possibility is that you had reached the daily limit: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions