Newbie ask: how to completely reset a portable win anki for testing? thx

i got a portable win anki to test things,
now wanna reset.

yes i could copy back again the empty anki and choose “keep the local empty database”.

but is there a way to reset anki from the portable win anki from inside?

delete account or whatever?

searched forum seems didn’t found the answer directly,

ps: no need to keep any card/notes, wanna get rid of all plugin, reset everything to default. thanks

to get rid of plugins
Tools → add-ons → View files: then delete all the files

to make anki “reset to default”
File → Switch Profile → Add: this new profile will only have the default settings and won’t have cards

Your deck would still be linked to your account, so if you sync, the deck will be downloaded


but when i sync and choose “upload to web”, then i’ll have everything completely empty like new?


Yes, that is correct, I just said that in case you wanted your deck back, either way, glad to help

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