How to reset stats across all decks

I tried to find a good answer in the forum, but nothing so far. Is there a way to reset all stats across all decks without the need to delete and re-create the profile? I would like to keep the existing decks around but zero all the stats. It’s Ok if I then have to re-do cards.

If I get this working I could then sync this down to Anki mobile (iOS). Thx.

Well I tested this out: In Browser view, select all cards (or per deck if you want to), then use Cards - Forget that makes the cards as new, this resets all the values for all cards and makes them new. But all history still shows past review stats, same with answer buttons, cards added . So that’s not cleared, suspect this is global data that I need to remove somewhere else, but where, I don’t know.

maybe this is helpful:

Thx tried, set a long enough timestamp to remove any data, but even after this (and sync and app restart) the all selector shows values for hourly breakdown, answer buttons, and especially reviews.

Is this somewhere in another sqlite database, I could open that up with an editor and wipe out the results. But surely there has to be a more user-friendly way for most people out there who don’t know how to wipe out records in a database…

How about?
Export without scheduling.
Delete all notes.

I will try that tomorrow but I’m surprised there’s no simple quick way to edit the stats away. I guess I would blow my 5+ old sync account and create a new one based on various email addresses I have. But that also sounds so draconian for a simple thing to fix.

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