HELP! Anki resets my data

I have lost some of my Anki decks. Two days ago, everything was normal. But today, half of my my Anki decks are gone. How can I retrieve my old ones?

Did you sync? Did a dialog appear that asked you whether to download or upload?

You can try to restore your Anki collection from backup. This can be done in the menu of choosing profile. Just click on it, then click the button “Open Backup” (not sure whether it is translated like that, but it will be the last but one), and click on the file with the appropriate date when your cards weren’t lost.
Note that this will unfortunately wipe all your progress within these 2 days, so I suggest that you move that backup file to your desktop and apply it on other profile, and only then you should export the missing decks to your main account. This way, you won’t lose so much progress.

Still, that’s really strange that some deck disappeared. Try using “Check database”, it helped me once

I don’t remember what I did two days ago, maybe I accidently clicked somewhere that wipe out my data.

Where is my profile? I can’t find it

just click on FIle → Change profile

Can you point it out? I still can’t find it

By the way. I’m Vietnamese so you may not understand my language.

Yes, that’s the problem, alright so let me give you some screenshots. They are in Russian as well, but the position of the buttons are the same

BTW have you tried checking database? it can be done this way:

As for the bees:

Should I click Yes or No

Click yes

I’m not that good at English so it will take me a long time to fix this. Can you stay here and help me through?

ofc, i have notifications in my browser + i’ll check this from time to time

you can proceed

I don’t know how to copy of all these files. Do we use “Ctrl +A”?

Ctrl+A picks all the files. You need to find only the one which was made 2 days ago, at the very time when you opened Anki for the first time. Look at the names of those files and find the necessary one. Then right-click on it, then copy and paste it somewhere e.g. your desktop

I have made a folder called “Anki”. So the next step, I will copy the file I need to this folder. Am i right?

Precisely, you can do it without hesitation