New version of Anking note types pop up won't respond, prevents me from accessing Anki all together

I attached a screenshot showing the pop up, but every time I open Anki, this pops up. I use MacOS. I have force quit Anki, restarted computer, opened with Shift, etc. Nothing is working. If I exit out of the pop up (the only response that actually does something), then I can’t click on anything else in Anki. I am starting to lose my mind.

@AnKingMed I presume that message is produced by an add-on? If that’s the case @kpj, you should not see it if you have held shift down until Anki started up.

Yeah it is. The best solution we’ve found is to hold shift while starting Anki , go to tools-> addons → check for updates and update addons then restart

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