New version gets frozen on previous card

New version 10 gets stuck on previous card sometimes. So far this has happened after going to the next card e.g. after i see the back of the card and go to the next one, the card freezes and doesn’t show me the new card. However, audio still works, and when I press space again, the screen goes to the next card, with the back side included.

My addons are image occlusion enhanced and awesomeTTS.

This happened when I was fullscreen on mac. However, I don’t know if it does or doesn’t happen if I’m not on fullscreen. I should also note that I am using an external monitor with it, if it means anything.

Please try the various video drivers in the preferences screen.

Which one removes the issue? I thought the default is best. I don’t want to ruin anything else.

Test with each one, the one which fixes your problem is the best

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