New reviews graph design is worse than it was in 2.1.40

Disadvantages of the new design:

  1. Colors for Learning and Relearning - Orange and Red are very similar and poorly distinguishable.
  2. The Learning orange color is very bright, it distracts attention to itself.
  3. When the Learning cards are at the bottom and they are added intermittently then the visual lines break, and a lot of noise is created on the graph. When was old the order of the cards was better (from bottom to top): Mature, Young, Learning, Relearning.

The old design in 2.1.40 was much cleaner:

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I think the orange better represents learning, but since reviews tend to constitute the bulk of cards, it might make more sense to stack them at the bottom like before - what do you think @hengiesel ?

If you keep the orange color, then it’s shade should be changed so that it is more different from red.
Lighter/brighter or hue little more yellow.

Something like this:


I’ll prepare a PR. I’ll also have a look whether it makes sense to make the hue of learning cards a bit brighter.

Thanks Henrik :slight_smile:

In deck list new card numbers is blue. But in graph new cards is orange. It’s a little confusing.

Unless this is changed.
Which file from folder 2.1.40 should be copied to the 2.1.41+ folder to save the old settings?
Or in what file can I change these settings?

This graph settings in the new versions is not very convenient.

Another example is when the old chart (2.1.40) looks better than the new one.

If you do not repeat the cards for a long time, and then you need to repeat more than the daily limit, then this limit is clearly visible on the chart in the old version of the charts.
The new version shows an incomprehensible noise.