Feedback on the new graphs in Anki/AnkiMobile

Please post your thoughts on the new graphs here.

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Would it be possible to add an option similar to desktop Anki to get the old statistics?
I understand the new statistics where created to be cleaner and more modern looking but they sacrifice so much usability:

  • trendiness are missing
  • the cumulative cards is represented by a barely visible shadow
  • the cumulative cards are missing the scale on the right side
  • chart grid lines are gone so it’s harder to see
  • chart boundaries are gone so again, hard to see where the chart ends
  • the “tap to get more details” is hard to use especially at the 1 year setting because the tappable elements are so tiny, significantly smaller than what apple recommends as the minimum tappable size
  • review time chart is missing “cram”
  • review time is missing cumulative minutes scale as well as all the trend lines
  • review interval - everything is too small to touch precisely

I understand that clean charts look fancier but they sacrifice a lot of information density and usability especially if youre not a young person with perfect eyesight. The old statistics were really good - clear borders, grid lines, contrast, proper scales. Please reconsider making changes or at least allowing the old statistics for folks like myself. Thank you.


I’m afraid it’s not practical to maintain two sets of graphs moving forward, but adjustments to the new graphs are possible, and I’m keeping an eye on feedback.

A couple of points:

  • ‘cram’ missing is a bug, and will be fixed in the next update. Please let me know if you’d like access to a beta.
  • pinch to zoom is enabled, so you can zoom in on a graph to make it easier to tap in a specific location

Could I trouble you to elaborate on how the cumulative subtotal lines in the old graphs formed part of your workflow?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m glad the cram is just a bug. I’m not brave enough for beta but I’m happy to wait for updates.

Zoom helps I suppose, but my main issue is with the fact that a lot of the information is hidden. For example, the cumulative cards and cumulative answers were previously marked on the scales on the right side of the charts so at glance I could see the numbers and trends straight away. Now, it requires extra tapping in that empty space and reading tiny text in a white box in on a light grey background.

Similar situation in the review count where, there’s no legend for the chart to explain what the colours mean. Again, I understand that theres a box with more information when you tap it (a box that I still cant figure out how to close) but I just dont understand why it’s hidden by default.

I know the trend lines weren’t really life changing feature but it was neat to see progress as the cards accumulate or a rise of relearn cards indicating issues and im just sad to see functionality removed or hidden. The charts just look so empty now.

I also cant seem to find the stats that used to be underneath the charts like days studied, average per day, minutes per day etc.

Personally, I feel it sacrifices a lot readability. The chart units use grey fonts, the clear trend line has been replaced with a barely visible “shadow”. The scale units and legends are missing. Everything blends in together with no clear lines or borders. I know it’s a lot of complaining but I really liked how clear and detailed the old statistics were and although the new statistics look fresh and minimalistic theyre just not informative and easy to use as the old ones. Thank you for taking the time and apologise for the lengthy reply.


Totally relatable

I wish they fix this soon

Why why why?
Why such deplorable quality of stats?

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Please elaborate your opinion about the new stats

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What do you mean? I find interactive stats very useful. Saves me time from having to squint at my screen to see exactly how many cards I have.

Not sure how you would do it on iOS, but on desktop you can hold shift and then tap on stats to get the old stats screen :smiley:

@manga A bug was reported today where filtered/early cards are not included in the review graph. A fix for that will be in the next update.

If you have not already discovered, tapping on a graph will reveal more information. If there is something else that bothers you, please be more specific.

@surrealism41 the old graphs have been left around in the computer version for now for the benefit of add-ons that modify them - they will eventually be retired in the future.


I think that’d do. Thanks.

However, that cumulative black/blue/red lines on bar graph that used to show the total reviews of each different category is a major missing along with the “due tomorrow” of forecast graph and the pie chart. (as shown in pic below). I know these are available on tappings but it is creating an unnecessary friction.

And second issue is that on desktop version when we rebuild all decks using that “rebuild all” add-on then it doesn’t show on iPhone/pad apps and we’ve to do it manually.

And most importantly, the aesthetics of old graphs was better than these new ones.

The best thing in new stat is the review heat map.



Here you go, thanks

“The aesthetics was better” is still not very specific :slight_smile:

It is not terribly difficult to add lines indicating the cumulative subtotals, but they do make for a more cluttered graph. How did they fit into your workflow?


By aesthetics I meant the minimalism and smoothness that the old stats had, it is missing in these stats. They used to have more info even when they were minimal and smooth at the same time.

There seems to be a lacklustre effort on new stats. These are not on par with previous stats.

Although, my workflow is not effected by it on a large scale per se.

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In the old statistics view, it was easy to see how many days I’ve reviewed cards in the last month/year/lifetime. Is that displayable somewhere in the new statistics view? Could it be?

(I’ve got a 2000+ day reviewing streak since I installed the app, and I’d like to be able to keep measuring that, for motivation purposes if nothing else.)


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Thanks for the feedback, this will likely come in the next update.

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@dae: Overall, I really like the visual improvements to the graphs. They just looks nicer and smoother. I also like their interactivity. Also, the Heatmap is great. So, is the Ease chart.

In short, I think the new design is a win, but would just work on improving a few things, including restoring a few features of the old graphs.

A few things I miss from the old graphs are some of the key statistical summaries that come written after each chart name, such as:

  • Due Tomorrow (under the Future due chart)
  • Days Studied (under Reviews)
  • Average for days studied (under Reviews)
  • Average time (per card answered - Under review time)
  • Average interval (under Intervals)
  • Longest interval (under Intervals)
  • Average Ease (which used to be in the “Card Types” section, but could now be under Card Ease).

A few other points of feedback:

  • Also, on the old graphs, in the “Today” quick stats at the very top, after the “Again Count” it used to say the % correct, rather than the percent incorrect. A small thing, but the % correct is more positive the than the % incorrect.
  • I think a pie graph might be better on the Card Counts. But the bar/line graph is nice also.
  • For the review intervals, I’m not sure how value is gained by having 99.9% as an option. No harm in having it, just looks a bit out of place and so close to “all.”
  • Years ago, I think a “six month” button to some graphs would be nice. (As I recall, there might have been a six month button in Anki 1). Anyhow, are you open to adding a “six month” option to the “Future” and “Reviews” charts?

Lastly, since you incorporated two new charts (Ease and Heatmap), I don’t now if you are open to adding in others, but I have really liked the charts included in this add on. The “learned cards” chart could be solo, but you could make the “mature cards” chart have three buttons (Net, Matured, and Lost) to toggle between the graphs (kind of like you did with the Reviews with “Time”.

Thanks for requesting feedback on the graphs!


I agree with all of Manga’s thoughts. I definitely preferred the old version of the stats for the same reasons. By the way, THANK YOU for creating, maintaining and regularly updating such a fantastic and versatile program!!

Thanks for all the feedback so far. Just picking up on a couple of points:

It leads to a fairly different graph on some large collections that have some outliers with very large intervals, but perhaps it’s not so useful to the average user.

More graphs are a possibility in the future, though my current focus is on getting the current ones to a state most people are happy with.

Today I switched to Anki 2.1.30 on Mac.
The option of using both old and new stats is good.

Damien, about the stats - Reviews, both count and time, even though things work like the way it is now for a long time, it looks to me that the “running total” would be more meaningful if it is was reckoned backwards (from today) instead of from the first day of the selected period forward. It looks to me, for example, that desiring to know the total study time I’ve had since 30 days before till 23 days before is a little weird, while it would be much more probable someone search for the total study time of the last week or of the last 15 days.

Thanks again for you patience and extraordinary work keeping Anki always in development.

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