Option to use old style statistics in AnkiMobile

Would it be possible to add an option similar to desktop Anki to get the old statistics?
I understand the new statistics where created to be cleaner and more modern looking but they sacrifice so much usability:

  • trendiness are missing
  • the cumulative cards is represented by a barely visible shadow
  • the cumulative cards are missing the scale on the right side
  • chart grid lines are gone so it’s harder to see
  • chart boundaries are gone so again, hard to see where the chart ends
  • the “tap to get more details” is hard to use especially at the 1 year setting because the tappable elements are so tiny, significantly smaller than what apple recommends as the minimum tappable size
  • review time chart is missing “cram”
  • review time is missing cumulative minutes scale as well as all the trend lines
  • review interval - everything is too small to touch precisely

I understand that clean charts look fancier but they sacrifice a lot of information density and usability especially if youre not a young person with perfect eyesight. The old statistics were really good - clear borders, grid lines, contrast, proper scales. Please reconsider making changes or at least allowing the old statistics for folks like myself. Thank you.

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