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New Interval under Advanced

I wanted to confirm that “new interval” has been changed from percent to absolute value ie now instead of 10% I need to input .10 ? I am a long time user (over 30,000 cards learned) over many years and am just now figuring out that I should have adjusted my scheduling algorithm in order to order to learn more cards and spend less time trying to get my reviews to a manageable number.

Along the same lines, is it true that subdeck scheduling trumps the deck it is in? Ie, If I have Chinese cards in multiple subdecks and only want 1 subdeck to have multiple learning steps, will it work to just change the subdeck’s options?

Thanks for your input!

Assuming you’re using v3 scheduler:

a) Yes

b) Yes, except the settings under “Display order” section:

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Ok, great! Thanks! This helps to know.