How changing cards to different decks affects scheduling

Hi all,

When a card is moved to a different deck that’s using a different study option (i.e., different settings for scheduling), I assume if the card is in review status, it takes on the settings of the new deck. For example, if a review card is in Deck A which say has a starting ease of 300% and an interval modifier of 150%, and the card is moved to Deck B which has a different starting ease and interval modifier, the next time the card is reviewed, if Good is pressed, that card will keep the current ease of 300% but use the interval modifier of Deck B. If, instead, that card was assessed as Hard, I assume then that the hard interval setting for Deck B would be applied and affect that card’s current ease setting.

However, how does this work with cards in learning status? Say Deck A has Learning steps of 30m 2d and a Graduating interval of 3d, while Deck B has Learning steps of 30m 3h 1d and a Graduating interval of 1d. If a new card starts in Deck A, selected as Good when first seen (so the next interval is set for 2 days), then moved to Deck B, what happens? When the card is next shown and Good is selected, does that card graduate to an interval of 3 days or stay in learning steps at 3 hours?

Thanks in advance!

Anki tracks steps via “number of steps remaining”, so moving between decks with different step counts can result in odd behaviour. The next update will improve on this.


Ok, thanks for the explanation. For now, I will keep cards in their respective decks until they are in review and then move them.