New FSRS algorithm

I changed my settings to use the FSRS algorithm, and I’m not sure what happened but the 644 cards that I had due today dropped to 0. My future reviews also show 0 for the next several days. Did I do something wrong? I’m worried that I reset my cards somehow.

Did you “reschedule” your current cards to follow FSRS? If you did that and your retention for your collection/deck is already higher than the target retention you requested – then all of your cards are set too soon, as far as FSRS is concerned. Rescheduling them will move them to longer intervals. So, that’s expected – but admittedly, that’s a pretty drastic change.

Did you follow the FSRS tutorial or Anki manual when doing the setup? You can check your retention by holding down Shift when you open the Stats, then click “deck life” at the bottom of the page. Compare that to the retention you requested from FSRS.


Sometimes when people forget a card, they rate it Hard instead of Again, because selecting Again in the old pre-FSRS algorithm mostly meant starting from scratch with a very small interval.

But this is a bad habit and it screws up FSRS, because it interprets Hard as meaning that you did in fact remember the card, albeit with difficulty.

Is it possible that this could be the problem?

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