FSRS Bug in scheduling


On this card, I forgot the answer, so I chose (Again).
But, when the card shows again, it looks like this:

Please post a screenshot of the card info.



What’s your FSRS’s parameter?

Default parameters

Did you press hard even when you forget the card?

I used to do this before, especially with cards that were less important to me.

Oops. It may mess up FSRS. FSRS predicts your memory from those reviews. If you often pressed hard when you forgot cards in the past, FSRS will predict that you remember everything very well and give you a longer interval.

Make sense!
But, in this case, I pressed (Again), so the FSRS should reset the intervals and not make (Easy) the same as (Good) which doesn’t make sense!
The frequent use of (Hard) should not make the FSRS fails!

Yeah. But I saw that you pressed a lot of hard for this card. So its memory stability is very high. Then you have pressed again recently, the stability dropped. But it didn’t drop to a very small number.


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