New cards won't show up

Recently i changed number of new cards in deck, and changed it back the other day. Since then new cards won't show up. "Ignore limits for new cards" doesn't work😭😭😭😭

Have you checked the Deck Options (New/Review daily limits) for the deck the cards are actually in, the deck you click to study, and any subdecks in between? Consider if there are any “today only” or deck-specific limits.

Nah, nothing like that

I don’t understand that answer! :laughing:

Yes, those are the limits that control this, so it’s is the right place to look to figure out why you’re not getting new cards.
Yes, you need to check at every level that could be impacting a deck.
Yes, today/deck-specific limits may be “hiding” from you, even within those presets.

If you’re confused about what you’re seeing in the options, you can post them here.

I’ll add – your screenshot shows that you will be getting New cards today in some of those decks (the counters in blue), so it’s not clear what you’re seeing that makes you think you won’t get New cards.

I’ve checked every deck setting and they all the same.
I want to get new blue cards in every deck

Let’s narrow our focus to why you’re not getting New cards in one deck then – the Japanese Core Deck is the one you’re concerned about?

  1. Are there any New and unsuspended cards in that deck?
  2. What are the rest of your Deck Options (daily limits, Display order, burying) for that deck?

  1. Your screenshots show there are no suspended cards and 1000 not new cards – but are there any New cards?
  2. You posted 3 copies of your daily limits, but not your display order or burying settings.

If you could take the same screenshot with the problematic deck, it would be useful.

  1. That’s your entire collection, not this deck.
  2. [Again] You posted 3 copies of your daily limits, but not your display order or burying settings.

Sry guys. I guess I just finished my first deck. It called core 2000, but it has 1000 cards🤷

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