New Cards Counter Addon not working after using "Forget..." feature on cards

Hey, I have a problem. I studied for STEP 1 with Anki an had almost all cards unsuspended. After the Exam I suspended all of the cards and used the “Forget…” feature in Anki. Now I start to study again and unsuspending cards that I have Reset with the “Forget…” feature.

My Problem now is that I always used the “New Cards Counter” Addon to see how much I have studied. Unfortunately this Addon does not show these cards in the “Total new cards learned today:” row.

Only cards that are totally new and i have never seen or reset with “Forget…” are displayed alle other cards are as if i did not study them. What should I do. I do not want to reinstall the whole deck as I added a lot of information in the Lecture field.

Thank you very much for help!

It sounds like the add-on is counting the wrong thing (or counting the right thing, but it’s just not the thing you want). You should contact the add-on developer.

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