New cards are not shown since some weeks

Hi, I was wondering, as on my “main desk”, new cards are not shown for learning anymore since some weeks. I looked, whether there is a limit size, which I have overspend, but could not find something.
Some data: my “main desk” has 2408 cards (2391 until end of 2023 which are “in the loop” / 17 new cards since 2024, whose strike)
The options are configured as follows: 5 new cards per day / 40 repeatings of old cards per day (I know, this number is to less, but more I can not manage, as I have alos other desks, which I want to leran; I´m moving a big wave in fornt of me…)
Maybe there is a size limit per deck? I´ve faced this problem the first time now …
The issue is seen on the desktop version as well on the iOS-App-Version.

The issue is probably that you don’t have “New cards ignore review limit” selected in the deck options. Doing so would allow you to always review new cards despite already reaching the review limit.

Be aware though that introducing even more cards when you already have a hard time keeping up will probably damage how well you can recall your cards.


Hi Gustaf-C, many thanks, yes, this check mark has solved the issue!
Yes, I know. It is not a big problem, if I don´t remember in detail on each card detail content. It is even a long term learning. There are some information, I want to “etch” into my brain, not with a specific end date. (I´m learning specific tipps and hints for conducting a choir, some specific intervalls in music score, some maxims which I believe they are important for my life, etc.) And there is a lot internalized yet! However, I have a specifiy time slot per day available and it is difficullt to delete or skip learning cards … hhhmmm. Overall I´m happy with the current practice.

I´m having the same problem but I can´t find the bottom where I can override this limit. Is it possible to do on my version of anki (Version ⁨2.1.56 (07fd88dd)⁩)?

I don’t think that switch was added until a more recent version. Do you have a reason that is holding you back from upgrading?

No, just scared of losing my progress i guess. So do you have any tips on how to do it?

Well if you want the feature you will need to update. It is almost impossible to lose any progress from an update. There are also automatic backups in your Anki folder, but if you want to be completely certain you can create a manual backup in File → Export → Anki Collection Package.

  • Get in sync across platforms (you can export a backup or copy all of your collection to another location too, if it makes you feel better, but it’s definitely not necessary).
  • Follow the upgrade directions for your OS.

When doing this, will the revision scheduele still be intact?

Yes, all the information in your collection will be fine.

I think i solved it for now at least. But does the internet logo mean that it is only för the webversion or is it still valid on my desktop?

No, that globe is a link to information/help about those settings. The setting will work on all platforms.

Then I´m all set! Thank you!

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To clarify the globe means that the setting is “global”, i.e. shared for all setting presets.

Yes. But it has nothing to do with only working on the web version.

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