New Card Type does not create new cards

I am trying to create a new card type for my deck, which will generate new cards with the new card type for every card in the deck.

When I create a new card type it says that it will create new cards for all the cards in the deck.
Then when I look at the deck in the browser, no new cards have been added and now all the cards are listed as Card 2 (New Card Type) in the browser instead of the original Card Type 1.
Even though they are shown as the new card type in the browser, in the preview and while studying, it is still formatted as the original Card Type 1. Even after formatting the new card type the way I want it to be, different from the original card type.

All I am trying to do is have only a specific field on the front of the card, and create new cards with this format for every existing card in the deck, which I thought was possible by creating a new card type but it isn’t generating any new cards.

Then when I look at the deck in the browser, no new cards have been added and now all the cards are listed as Card 2 (New Card Type) in the browser instead of the original Card Type 1.

I think those are the new Card2s, but they’re not where you are expecting them to be.

Search for note:YourNoteTypeName in the browser (Searching - Anki Manual) – does it show you all of the cards now? Make sure the “Deck” column is showing (Browsing - Anki Manual) – are they in diferent decks?

I think you’re studying the Card1s that are in the deck you expect them to be in.

So I found out that I had Notes toggled at the top near the search bar instead of Cards which now shows all newly created cards from the Card2 type.

Now is there any way I can reschedule these new cards to the existing due dates of my current cards and upcoming new cards? I tried to reposition them but now any new cards when I study are very old cards, now Card2 types, from the beginning of the deck.

I would just like the Card2 cards to now show up alongside new Card1 cards from here on out and possibly alongside reviewed cards when it is their due date if possible, thank you so much for your help.

Yes, there are things you can do to help the Card2s catch up with their siblings, but –

  • Do you want the Card2s to be introduced gradually as New cards? Or do you want them to skip the learning steps and become Review cards?
  • Are all of their Card1 siblings already active/in Review, or are some still New and waiting to be introduced?

Yes, all of their Card1 siblings are active/in Review, and some are still new and waiting to be introduced.
If possible, I would want them to skip the learning steps and become Review cards with their siblings, instead of being introduced as new cards.

I have some suspended cards so I suspended the Card2 types for those as well. I have also tested it out and any new Card1 cards are now showing up in study alongside their Card2 siblings, which is what I wanted.

Now I am just unsure if the Card1 cards that are in review are going to show up in the future with their Card2 siblings.

Card1 is New, Card2 is New
The newly created Card2s should have been assigned the same “New” queue number as their siblings, so that should work fine.

Card1 is Review, Card2 is New
If you want the Card2s to skip being introduced and jump ahead to have due dates around the due date of their Card1 sibling, there’s no automatic way. But I’m sure we could come up with something.

So first – are you sure you want that? If these are, for example (you haven’t said what you’re studying), something like reverse language-learning cards, they might be easier now that you’ve already learned them in one direction – but they also might not. Recognition and production are different language learning skills. It might be worth taking them through the learning steps and only jumping the ones that are actually easy out to a far due date/interval.

And second – do you want them to keep short-ish/just-graduated to review intervals? That’s another way to ease them into things, even if you don’t want to take them through the learning steps.

For context, I am learning Japanese vocab with Anki. The Card2 is audio of vocab, and Card1 is vocab with definition.

I have looked in my browser and by sorting by due date, it looks like all the new Card2 cards for review Card1s aren’t going to be shown until I finish the remaining new Card1s and Card2s.

For now what I have done, is moved all the new Card2s for review Card1s into a new deck. Any easy Card2s I am using the easy button for, instead of suspend because I don’t mind reviewing those again, and for harder ones I am reviewing normally and will figure them out since I have reviewed them before.

I then left all the new Card 1 & Card 2s in the main deck to let them appear with each other from here on out.

Since you mentioned there is no automatic way to match the due dates, I am okay with this solution I have come up with thanks to your assistance. It seems that this situation is a little too specific with what I had in mind for repositioning and I agree with your suggestion of taking them through the learning steps, which will now be done in another deck.

I highly appreciate your help on this matter, thank you.

Sounds like you got it all sorted. If you want to bring those Card2s back into your main deck, there are probably ways to accomplish what you want there. But if you’re satisfied – happy studying!