New card order in a shared deck

Apologies for possibly asking a common question but I couldn’t figure out the best way to approach this problem based on few searches.

I’m making a shared deck for people learning my native language. I want to design the deck so that the cards start from easy and get progressively harder.

My initial idea was to use genanki to generate the deck programmatically based on few data sources. In this case the deck would always be built from scratch with predetermined new card order. But then, I figured that Anki has already plenty good tools for editing decks so why not use them.

However, I realized that with that approach, it might be problematic to later add new cards that should appear in specific order relative to the existing cards. In the Anki UI there appears to no way to control this behavior, and my understanding is that cards are by default shown in the order they were added to the deck. So in this case there is no way to add a new card later that would be shown as for example the second new card for someone starting to use the shared deck. Does that make sense?

Is the best approach in the end to use genanki to generate the deck from scratch, if new card order matters, or does Anki provide some tools to solve this? Ideas appreciated, thanks in advance!

Reposition is the feature you’re looking for – Browsing - Anki Manual . Anytime you create cards out of order, Reposition them where you want in the New queue.

When you’re done with the deck, before you share it, you can import it into a fresh profile, and tidy up the queue before making your release apkg.


Thanks Danika. Think I’m getting the hang of it.

One question, if I export and import it to a fresh profile before releasing, will updates to the deck work properly when people update the shared deck? I’m wondering if Anki would see it as new deck and cards would have new identifiers or something.

Take a look at importing – Packaged Decks - Anki Manual – and exporting – Exporting - Anki Manual – for ways to make sure that Anki will recognize and update a note…

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