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What's the best approach to force new cards order to future users of your deck?

Hi, I build shared decks quite often, and I usually make them in such a way that the ordering of the new cards is important (i.e. I build on previously learned stuff and/or reference older mnemonics and such).

And so, I realized that anki defaults to showing the cards in the order they were added, even if I have an “Order” field by which I order them myself. I know I can easily sort them by that “Order” field and then force anki to re-queue them in the sort order, but that new ordering won’t stay there if I share the deck without scheduling info.

So my question is, should I export the deck, sorted and non-studied, with the scheduling data in it? …or is there some easier way of choosing the order of new cards for future users (that doesn’t prevent me from studying those same decks I want to share)?

Thanks in advance!

When you share a deck without scheduling info, any new cards will retain their order, so you can ensure cards appear in a particular order by ensuring all cards are new before exporting (most likely with the help of a separate profile)

But with “retain their order” you mean how they’re ordered in the browser or which one was added first? (I would like to export them in my sort-by-this-field order, not in the order I added them)

New cards are ordered by the due column, which you can set using the reposition tool after sorting in the desired order. They should then retain that due # provided the cards are not studied or the deck sort order changed.

So I should sort them, reposition them, then share with scheduling info? Or sharing them without would still work?

Oh, I see you already said they retain the order. Thanks!

I gues I’ll just make a second profile for just importing, deleting progress and exporting the ordered clean deck.