New Add-on: Contanki - Controller Support for Anki

Contanki allows users to control Anki using a gamepad or other controller device. To install, visit AnkiWeb or use the install code 1898790263.


  • Comfortably review your cards using a gamepad - no more sore hands, backs, or eyes!
  • Pull up a helpful overlay to remind you of the control mapping
  • Control almost any Anki feature
  • Fully customisable control bindings
  • Cursor control for limited situations where the gamepad is insufficient
  • Much more!

Usage Notes

Connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth, install the add-on, restart Anki, and press any button to get started.

Since Anki has a lot of functions to map, Contanki uses modifier buttons (by default, the triggers (R2 and L2) are used). This mean that the other buttons will trigger different commands according to whether a modifier button is held down, similar to shift, control, etc on a keyboard. Holding down the modifier buttons will also pull up an overlay showing the control binding for the current context. To show the overlay for the unmodified controls, hold down both triggers at once.

Controls can be reassigned using the add-on’s config dialog. You can assign controls for each context (review, deck browser, etc), as well as global settings that are used if a control isn’t assigned to a particular context. It is suggested that you try the default control bindings to begin with, and make changes as needed. You can remove any actions you don’t need if the controls overlay is too cluttered.

Works best on 2.1.50, but support is provided for 2.1.45 and above. Please note the version specific issues below.

Analog Sticks

By default the right stick is used to move and click the mouse, and you can use L2 + right stick for a secondary click. It is only possible to click within Anki. The left stick is used to scroll and to navigate between views. Sticks can be reassigned and can also be put in ‘button mode’, where actions can be assigned to the directions of a stick.

Choosing a Controller

I have been testing using a DualShock 4, which makes a good choice and can be readily purchased secondhand at a reasonable price. The cheapest option would be a knockoff SNES controller, which can be found for $10 or less.

Currently it is only possible to use a single controller at a time. This may include Joy-Cons depending on your system, but support for using both Joy-Cons is planned.


This add-on is still in beta, so there may still be some bugs. Please report all issues on the GitHub issue tracker or post here on the forum. Reports about bugs on Windows or when using an Xbox controller are particularly welcome as I have been testing almost exclusively on Mac using a DualShock 4 up to now.

If you encounter an issue, let me know what you were trying to do, what platform and controller you’re using, and the text of any error or message your receive. Please take note of the known issues and don’t report anything listed there. Suggestions are also welcome, and can also be raised on the issue tracker.

Known issues

  • Interaction outside of the main window (especially the browser and preferences) is only partially implemented
  • Clicking outside Anki or in the title or menu bars doesn’t work
  • Add-on doesn’t function in the profile window
  • Unable to open or close webview context menus

Version Specific:

  • Opening certain menus or dialogs prevents any actions from firing, until it’s closed and they fire all at once. This mostly affectts Anki 2.1.49 and below. The above issue is mostly fixed in 2.1.50, but some dialogs may still prevent actions from firing.
  • A small number of actions are only supported in 2.1.50

Platform Specific

  • Volume controls only work on MacOS

Controller Specific

  • Only a single Joy-Con can be used at a time. Support for using Joy-Cons as a single controller is planned.

Hello there,

You have previously contacted me through Reddit.
I had some graphical issues while using Anki, I provided you with some screenshots.

Was it enough? Were you able to discover the problem?

Kind regards

I don’t seem to have received anything from you on Reddit, not sure why. Are you able to upload them somewhere and post them here? Otherwise, you can post them on GitHub.

Beta 2 has been released. Changes:

  • Adds buttons for the Steam Deck and 8BitDo Zero and Lite
  • Fixed an error when opening the config dialog without a controller connected
  • Fixed an issue where the config dialog wasn’t accessible when opened from the add-ons dialog
  • Fixed config button icons not glowing when button pressed
  • Fixed error on profile save when selected controller has fewer axes than profile
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Very weird but most likely it is an error from my part. I am sorry.
I am sending it to you now through here.

I am using ANKI Qt5 on a windows machine. I am back to 2.49 because I had some problems

What I can’t show you in the pics is the lack of the mouse. I don’t know if there was supposed to be an arrow or something similar.
It somehow works and clicks stuff but does not appear.

On the pictures you can find the weird controller and the graphical issue.

Thanks, looks like it’s adding a widget to the screen instead of opening a window. I’ll do some testing and see if I can reproduce it.

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to reproduce either issue. Currently I know that you’re using:

  • Windows
  • Anki 2.49
  • Xbox 360 Controller

Can you let me know:

Also, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the add-on.

I have tried to replicate the bug but it is no longer occurring so everything seems to be fine!
Thank you for your help

Oh great to hear! Might be an add-on update or a recent Anki update, but glad to hear it’s fixed either way


Things have been working well for me. Thank you so much

Minor Issue is the controller is blinking white consistently whenever I use anki

I’m using a dualshock controller on Anki Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩ and Python 3.9.7 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.5

Unfortunately there’s no way for the add-on to control the light, so I don’t think the add-on is the cause. Are you on Windows? I assume it’s not blinking because the battery is low?