Image won't go away

This image (see photo attached) appeared on my anki yesterday. It appears whenever I have a gamepad (specifically, 8bitDO) connected in the xinput mode. The imgage appears to be of a control panel for my gamepad. It’s getting in the way of my ability to see the cards. Help!

Macbook pro Ventura 13.1
Desktop Anki, Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩

Were you using Contanki - Controller Support for Anki (beta) - AnkiWeb to enable controller support?

if that is the case then here is some know issues of the add-on

  • Interaction outside of the main window (especially the browser and preferences) is only partially implemented
  • Clicking outside Anki or in the title or menu bars doesn’t work
  • Add-on doesn’t function in the profile window
  • Can’t open or close webview context menus
  • 8BitDo controllers should be set to X mode, but D mode might also work. More info here
  • If your 8BitDo controller isn’t detected correctly try Tools > Controller Options > Detect 8BitDO Controllers
  • Customize Keyboard Shortcuts - a small number of actions rely on simulating a key press, and won’t work if you’ve changed that shortcut. Instead you can create a custom action in the controller options using your assigned shortcut

it will be better if you could detail more in Contanki [Official Support Thread]

If it isn’t solved by the support thread, then create an issue over Issues · roxgib/anki-contanki · GitHub

in case you aren’t using the add-on, maybe use that for better integration with the controller

I was using that add-on, so I’ll let the forum know. Thanks!

Yep, that’s the quick select menu for Contanki, though it doesn’t look quite right. Should go away when pressing the right shoulder button (or whatever button you have assigned).

I have some questions about the menu.

  1. how do I “assign” it to stay hidden?
  2. if I press the right shoulder button but it doesn’t go away, what could i try to make it go away?

This has been really distracting for me the past few days and actually precluded me from viewing some cards

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