Please try my new controller add-on - Contanki!

Contanki is a new add-on for Anki which allows users to control Anki using a gamepad or other controller device.


  • Comfortably review your cards using a gamepad - no more sore hands, eyes, or back!
  • Control almost any Anki feature without a keyboard or mouse
  • Pull up a helpful overlay to remind you of the control mappings
  • Cursor control for limited situations where the gamepad is insufficient
  • Fully customisable control bindings
  • Much more!

You can read more at the GitHub page, and an alpha is currently available for download. It’s pretty much feature complete and I’m aiming for a beta release to coincide with the release of Anki 2.1.50.

If you encounter any issues, please post here or in the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Currently supports 2.1.50 and 2.1.49, but I’m planning to support down to 2.1.45 so let me know of any issues from that version forward.

Happy reviewing!