New # 0 bug (2.1.54ver)

When adding cards, sometimes it happens that the cards are not added in order. This is considered a serious bug. If you test it, you may see the problem recur from time to time.


I found the cause of the bug.

When creating a new card, the card with Due number 0 is created as shown in the picture above, so even if the cards are set to appear in the order they are added in the custom study study, the card with Due number 0 appears in an odd order.

In conclusion, when adding a new card, Due should not be added as New #0.

I hope to test it once and let you know the result.

This is a bug that must be fixed.

For reference, I do not use addon, I use beta9 version of V2 scheduler.

Please provide a list of steps I should take to cause this to happen.

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This is the same issue I raised on the Anki Forum in the past. Check out the links below to learn more about the issues with this content.

Anki 2.1.50 Beta 6+ / Release Candidate - Beta Testing - Anki Forums (

The issue in your earlier report was fixed in 2.1.50. This appears to be something else, and I will need you to provide a set of steps I can take to reproduce the issue.