Never seen cards (blue) first?

Hi all,

I try to see all the never seen card first (and only never seen card) with a fitler deck or not.
What I mean is that if I have a list of voca. ANki will show me all never seen card first (blue) BEFORE start red cards.
So for exemple, a never seen card is shown, and if I fail it… it will become red card BUT this card will never be shown before all the blue cards (never seen card) are finish. (So not after 10 minutes).

So how can I tell (in a way or another) to Anki, “never seen card first” ?

PS : All people I know like to first see all the cards once to test themself “test” and all have the same issue. Why there is no option telling : blue card first, or never seen card first…, a simple one…

thanks a lot.

If red cards are due, they will be shown first. The only way you can accomplish what you want is to increase the length of the learning step to give yourself enough time to get through the new cards.

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