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Nested Note Types


I am trying to add note fields and cards for verb participles in my Anki.

I have already defined note types, with fields and cards, for verbs and adjectives.

Participles grammatically behave as adjectives, with the same fields and cards as for an adjective. However, I want to associate the participle with its verb note.

Rather than recreating all the adjective fields and cards within the verb note, is there a way I can add the “adjective” note as a subset to the “verb” note definition? In other words, create a nested definition of note types?

This would significantly decrease the amount of work required to expand the verb note type.

Thanks for our advice.

You might be able to accomplish something similar by using conditional fields to selectively enable/disable particular templates:

That said, I’d recommend keeping things simple - an elaborate notetype is only useful if it’s actually buying you input efficiency or making things easier to remember.