Possibility of notes that contain cards of multiple types

This would be a tremendous innovation imo. It would open up a wide range of possibilities such as clozed and reversed cards, or nested clozes, or clozes with extra questions depending on the clozenumber, and probably much more, if one chose to bury siblings. An option to enable and configure a setting that adjusts the frequency of cards of these notes based on the amount of cards it contains would be useful as this could make notes that chop up some knowledge over different cards more difficult than notes that contain only one card and therefore presumably contain more information in them. I have a gut feeling that this wouldn’t be too hard to program (even though I know very little of programming).

There are already different type of cards that peeps have done over the year
reverse card, optional reverse card, type in answer card are already present in Anki (“basic card”)

Some community note types
LPCG (Lyrics/Poetry Cloze Generator) - AnkiWeb
Enhanced Cloze (for Anki 2.1) - AnkiWeb
Fill the blanks - Multiple type:cloze support - AnkiWeb
Image Occlusion Enhanced - AnkiWeb
Multiple Choice Support - AnkiWeb

but I think the add-on that exactly does what you mentioned is
Closet For Anki - AnkiWeb

Nested clozes are coming Next feature update Milestone · GitHub