Link notes by common key

I know people have asked before for the ability to link notes together, but I believe that there is a valid use case that has not been considered in the replies that I saw.

What I would like is the ability to link notes by a common key, and then for the scheduler to treat all notes linked by the same key as if they were one note.

The reason for this relates to language learning where often you have different grammatical forms, but each form is based on a word base. For instance, an example in English would be:

  • to clean (verb)
  • cleanliness (noun)
  • cleanly (adverb)

It is useful to be able to learn different grammatical forms, but as they have the same word base it is better to not schedule them as new cards on the same day.

It is not feasible to have a note type covering all grammatical forms (that could end up with hundreds of fields and card types), hence the desire to have note types focused on each grammatical form, but linked for scheduling by the word base.

perhaps this add-on could be helpful at some extend while this feature is not implemented

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I agree that this would have some benefits. For example, in my kana deck I don’t actually need three different notes for ひ (hi), び (bi) and ぴ (pi). The ideal solution would be to have a single card which alternates between the three symbols on every review.
However, I imagine that this would mean a pretty big change to the current Anki internals and let’s also not forget the additional complexity for the user. Many users already struggle with the distinction between cards and notes.
The cost-value ratio probably places this feature rather low on the priority list. :confused:


I’m wanting to avoid scheduling cards at the wrong time - the browser is good enough to find them.