Negative today's new/review cards limit //Bug report

To reproduce bug:

  1. Open a deck, then go to ‘Custom study’ menu
  2. Push “Increase today’s new card limit”

Let’s suppose that I have 100 new cards to learn

  1. In the appeared box enter negative value -300
  2. Do steps 1 and 2, but now enter 100

I expect to see 100 cards, but I see 0.
If after that I add 400 cards to limit I will see 300 new cards to learn in my deck description

I think that’s because:
The problem is that counter for today’s new cards limits counter can be negative(even though it’s shown in deck description as 0). So you(developers) should write a line of code after adding input value to counter, that checks if counter is less than 0, and if so set it to 0
or just not allow input to be less than 0(but I don’t approve this solution)

This bug also appears if you do the same but to the “today’s review card limit”.

Hope this will be fixed

I personally won’t consider this behaviour a bug. This is actually useful if you want to get rid of the current count. If you set a negative value of -300 for 100 you have -200 and shown as 0. If later you add 100 you still are in -100. So you just need to either input the same number but positive and later the count you want or do the math to set the value you want.

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