Needed Feature: Select Multiple Sections of Text



Other applications like Google Docs have a multi-text selection feature that allows its users to select/highlight multiple sections of text at once.


  • Many users make cloze deletion cards that have multiple sections of information that they would like to assign various sets of “cloze values”. This can be very tedious when users have notes that they would like to include several sets of cloze deletions in, as deletion would have to be done individually. Additionally, upon making mistakes to multiple of the sections of the note, the user has the same problem.


  • This feature would enable users to be more efficient when making notes from information that is directly pasted into Anki.
  • The user would highlight the seperate portions of the text they would like to include in “Cloze Deletion 1” and then press the shortcut icon to make the deletion. This could then be done in quick succession for the subsequent sets of deletions.

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Recently I forked an add-on that may be a bit similar to this feature.