Cloze enhancement

Is it possible to enhance the cloze mechanism to allow for the same cloze to replace multiple sections?

For instance this would be useful in language learning where the same case is used in multiple words and the objective of the card is to learn the case used (so seeing the case used for any word negates the purpose if the card).

As an example I want:
во втор{{c1::ую}} касс{{c1::у}}

as this is useless:
во втор{{c1::ую}} касс{{c2::у}}

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You can replace the numbers by hand yourself.
Alternatively, use the “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C” shortcut. (Replace Ctrl with Cmd if you’re on macOS)

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Thank you. I really should have thought of trying that myself.

As it’s not an unusual need perhaps it would be worth adding to the manual?

It’s documented here:

You can also elide multiple sections on the same card. In the above example, if you change c2 to c1, only one card would be created, with both Canberra and 1913 hidden. If you hold down Alt (Option on a Mac) while creating a cloze, Anki will automatically use the same number instead of incrementing it.

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It does not work; what works is
It could be changed using add-on “Customize Keyboard shortcuts”.

Plese see my comment below