"Remove cloze" button/shortcut

I think there should be a built-in “remove cloze caption” button and/or keybind, that removes all the “{{c:: }}” in the selected text while keeping everything else.
It seems like a very basic and extremely useful function to have.

Sorry if it is already there in newer Anki versions and I missed it.

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There used to be an add-on for this but apparently it doesn’t function with current versions of Anki.

You can use find and replace with the following regex:


and then a regular find and replace for {{, with the replace field empty for both.

This is a little cumbersome for individual cards but quick if you have a large number of cards that need the clozes removed.

Remove Cloze Button and Hotkey
Last updated: 2019-12-22

Add-ons system is great but at the same time this situation shows its drawback. Add-ons can be abandoned by developers. And other developers are reluctant to engage with someone else’s work.

Indeed some basic functionality that is / was done by add-ons should be implemented in Anki.

Using regex and Find and replace is great for bulk edition, not for single items. So, I fully support this request.

Could this please be implemented in new Anki releases?

I haven’t seen enough demand for this to make it a priority at the moment.

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This! And I imagine it working like his (I don’t know if Glutaminate’s addon was like this):

  • if the cursor is inside a cloze, pressing the remove cloze button would simply remove that cloze. I mean, no need to select the whole cloze.
  • And, if a block of text is selected, any clozes inside would be removed.

Glutanimate updated the Remove Cloze Button and Hotkey addon :tada::tada::tada: